Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What to bring

The Amgen People's Coast Classic is a fully-supported ride, including great breakfasts and dinners, baggage transport, camping (optional lodging available), SAG and mechanical support. We strive to offer our participants a premium experience as their reward for supporting the Arthritis Foundation's mission to improve lives for 50 million people living with arthritis.
To make your Oregon Coast cycling experience the best it can be, we recommend that you bring the following items:
  • Packable Rain Jacket that you can access during the day in case of bad weather or morning mist.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A few warm layers for cool mornings and evenings. A little bike lock to secure your bike during lunch stops.
  • Spare tube/pump/bike tool. If you are using a less common tire size, you'll want to bring a spare tire to keep with baggage.
  • Camera, cell phones, and chargers. We provide a recharging station each night. Front and rear blinking light recommended during the day for safety.
  • Jersey Days: All riders wear their 2013 event jerseys on the first day for photos. Day Two is alma mater day.
  • Hawaiian shirt for you first pint free at Rogue Ales on Day Three.
  • Tent/sleeping bag/sleeping pad if you're camping.
  • EARPLUGS! If you're camping inside the Oregon Coast Aquarium on Day Two, you'll want to have some in case you're sleeping close to someone who snores. If you snore, you might want to bring ear plugs for others!
  • Don't worry about bringing too much energy bars. Good food plentiful at camp and in route.
  • Don't worry about bringing a camp chair. We rent folding chairs for meal time.

Please note that individual riders are limited to two items totalling 65 pounds. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to get here: Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Event Point of Entry: Portland

Where: Portland Union Station. This is the Amtrak/Greyhound station and is also connected to the airport by light rail. Our motor coach and cargo van will be parked at the north end of the station. See below for parking if you choose to drive to Portland.

When: September 8, 2012. Loading starts at 12:00 PM. Motor coach leaving at 12:30-12:45 PM for Astoria.

Parking: We've made it easy to get to Portland without having to drive, but you can certainly do so. The City of Portland operates a SmartPark garage just north of Union Station at ~700 NW Station Way. Parking rates (last we checked) are $6 a day. We have no special arrangements with the parking lot and you would be using it at your own risk, but it is attended 24/7. You're best bet is to drop off bags and bikes at the station first before going to the garage (bikes on roof racks won't fit into garage).

Bikes: You can either bring your bike to Portland Union Station, where we will put it in a cargo van with moving blankets separating it from other bikes, or you can have it shipped. High Country Shipping is providing a concierge service for shipping before and after the event. Bikes will be shipped to Bike Newport, where Elliott will either have the bike built up and waiting for you at the start line (optional service fee...call 541-265-9917 to arrange), or bring your boxed bike to the start line for you to assemble. After the event, bikes can go with riders back to Portland or back to Newport to be shipped out.

Baggage allowance: We're requesting that you bring no more than two bags/items totaling 65lbs. Bags will pulled from the truck at each night's finish. Please bring bags back to the truck in the morning prior to starting.

Two and Four-day riders:  Four-day riders will be picked-up at 7 AM on September 11 at the Portland Union Station and arrive in Newport at roughly 11 AM. Four-day riders finish with our six-day riders in Brookings.

Two-day riders start with our six-day riders in Astoria and will be taken back to Portland Union Station on September 11 after the Party on the Beach in Newport, arriving back in Portland no later than 7 PM.

Optional lodging during the event:  Overnight lodging options are now handle by our event production company, DuVine Adventures. Contact Ashley@Blacksheepadventures.com to book your overnight accommodations for every night of TAPCC as well as any Portland lodging in case you need to stay overnight before or after the event.
After the event:  Participants who do not make their own arrangements to leave from Brookings will be whisked back up to Portland by motor coach, dropping off back at Portland Union Station on the evening of Friday September 14. Those of you from the Portland area will be in your own beds that night.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Raise Money for the Arthritis Foundation #3

The Amgen People's Coast Classic is a fundraising event for the Arthritis Foundation and it is important to understand what we're using that money for.  Our mission is to improve lives through prevention, control and cure. 

Programs for Better Living

For the 50 million people in the United States already living with arthritis, controlling arthritis is a daily challenge.  Physicians typically recommend patients to keep moving for the health of their joints, but many simply do not want to move when they are already in pain.  For patients with moderate to severe arthritis, simply going to the gym is oftentimes not an option because certain movements and exercises will cause more damage.

Enter our Programs for Better Living, specifically developed to address the special needs of patients with various forms of arthritis.  Trainers are certified by the Arthritis Foundation to teach Aquatic (water aerobics), Exercise (land-based), and Tai Chi classes.  These programs have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective.

Research:  The Long Path to a Cure

Starting in the late 90's, rheumatologists began using a new class of pharmaceutical products called biologic therapies, or biologics, for treatment of various rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, etc.  While much more effective than previously available options, they also have a long list of side effects due to their immunosuppressant characteristics.  It is estimated that 20% of patients don't experience any sustained improvements while on biologics.  And worse...these treatments are very hard to produce and can be prohibitively expensive for uninsured patients. 

Osteoarthritis is the degradation of cartilage and bone, with the knee being the most commonly affected join.  There are many people out there who are "bone on bone".  Artificial joints can be implanted, but this is a highly invasive surgery and the joints have, on average, a 15-year lifespan before another surgery/replacement is required.  Research has produced technologies that begin to explore the regrowth of cartilage, but these treatments are a long way from being considered reliable solutions.

In short, there is much that needs to be done before arthritis could be considered cured.  The key to unlocking an ultimate cure for arthritis is research, which requires very smart people, doing very difficult things, using very expensive equipment.  The very nature of research is exploratory, which no guarantees of viable treatments and cures.  Since 1948, the Arthritis Foundation has funded $450 million towards advancing arthritis research.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Raise Money for the Arthritis Foundation #2

Advocating for better patient access and care

Much of the work that needs to be done to address better patient care happens in the area of advocacy, which raises awareness at the local and national legislative levels. John Hardin, our Chief Scientific Officer, offered an analogy of the current state of arthritis care for patients. He drew a comparison to how heart diseases, another common chonic health issue, is handled. The FDA has established the metrics and approved the use of prescriptions used to prevent heart attacks. Whereas it is considered medically unacceptable for the heart to fail, joint health doesn't get the same level of regulatory consideration. This is an oversight that hinders patient's options for preventative treatment. It is typical of the type of advocacy challenges the Arthritis Foundation faces.

Advocacy Priorities for the Arthritis Foundation in 2012

Access to Care:
Why fund research at the Department of Defense?  For each pound of additional weight carried on the body, there is an additional four pounds of pressure at the knee.  Other load bearing joints throughout the body face similar strain.  The Seattle Times did a great article last year highlighting the severity of arthritis in returning combat veterans due to the high loads they carry into war.  Check out this link (PDF download) and the video below.

How you can help:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet our 2012 Honorees: Steve Cardin

Photo: Paula Dixon

Steve Cardin – Team Proud Ozma

Steve Cardin of Granite Falls, Washington joined us for The 2011 Amgen People’s Coast Classic and returns as a 2012 honoree. Steve was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) in early 2009 which is a family of diseases marked by defective collagen synthesis throughout the body. In Steve’s case, the cartilage in his joints is significantly weaker and he lives with moderate to severe osteoarthritis.

Steve was diagnosed with EDS recently, but looks back to an entire lifetime of symptoms. He woke up one morning, at the age of 14, with a dislocated jaw. This was a classic symptom of hypermobility EDS, but a correct diagnosis came more than 20 years later.

Like many patients facing incurable chronic diseases, Steve’s first response was one of fear and doubt. Shortly thereafter, he became active in EDS support groups and forums, including leading a group that has since grown to over 45 patients. He also became a very vocal representative of EDS patients and was instrumental in making May “EDS Awareness Month” in Washington State.

Steve became a cyclist in March of 2011. Since then, he’s lost 35 pounds, dramatically reducing mechanical wear and tear on his body. Every pound lost results in four pounds of pressure less on the knees. Cycling is a low-impact sport and helps strengthen the muscle groups that stabilize joints, directly counteracting the symptoms of EDS.

Steve’s family is also affected by arthritis. EDS is a hereditary disease and his two children both show symptoms. He also has loved ones affected by Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia.

Are you and/or your loved ones affected by arthritis? Join Steve’s Team Proud Ozma and come ride the Oregon Coast to support the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to improve the lives through prevention, control, and cure.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet our 2012 Honorees: Hailey Daniels

Hailey Daniels – Team A.I.M. High

It seemed improbable that 15-year-old Hailey Daniels of Ogden, Utah could have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). She's been a tennis player since she was nine and competes on her high school varsity team, includng a second place showing at regionals. Active in student government, theater, and the cross-country team, her motivation and positive attitude knows no bounds.

Last summer, Hailey began to notice intolerable pain in her hands after writing for long periods of times and she began feeling weak-kneed while playing tennis. When these symptoms didn’t go away, she brought them up to a physician that lived in the neighborhood. A hunch that Hailey’s symptoms might be JRA was eventually confirmed as a diagnosis in September 2011. The entire Daniels family was in shock, having not known it was even possible for children to have arthritis.

Hailey’s family reinforced her can-do mentality and she was soon looking for ways to turn her diagnosis into a positive experience. Hailey reached out to the Arthritis Foundation, asking for ways to get involved in not just improving her own life, but also supporting our mission to improve the lives of others. She continued playing tennis and running while making sure to get enough rest as her doctor recommended. Two months after her diagnosis Hailey finished her first-ever half-marathon. In her words, she wanted to “Kick arthritis to the side of the road.”

Hailey’s athletic background does not include endurance cycling but that did not faze her, or her parents, from accepting our invitation to be an honoree at this year’s Amgen People’s Coast Classic. The Daniels family will be picking up bicycles and training all summer long to ride our North Coast Two-Day ride this September 9-10.

Inspired by Hailey’s positive attitude? Are you or someone you love affected by JRA? Join Hailey on Team A.I.M. High.

Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Weekly Fundraising Contest

You've got your Kintera page set up and are starting to learn more about what the Arthritis Foundation plans on doing with the funds you'll raise...now let's give you a bit of extra motivation to get out there and ask for donations!

This year, we'll be featuring a lot of great prizes from our sponsors and vendors for our summer-long contest.  Winners will receive entries into our drawing to win from a large pool of prizes, which we'll draw after dinner at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Each week, we'll look back to the previous calendar week (Monday-Sunday) and issue entries for:
  • Top Overall Fundraisers:  The top overall fundraiser will receive THREE entries.  Second and third place will receive TWO and ONE entries respectively.
  • Top Offline Fundraisers:  Many of our participants are great fundraisers via letter-writing and direct personal requests.  The person with the largest amount sent in via donor checks will receive TWO entries, with second place receiving ONE entry.
  • Most Emails Sent/Clicked:  Kintera has great fundraising tools that allow you to send out donation requests via email to your friends and we're able to see who is using those tools.  The person who sends out the most emails each week will receive ONE entry.  The person who has the most emails clicked (not always the same person!) will also receive ONE entry.
The more effort you put into fundraising, the greater chance you will have of winning prizes...and you can indeed win more than one!

Our top prize is a set of one-of-a-kind Swift Industries Mini Roll-Top Panniers.  Of course,  you could always go to Swift Industries website and get a set of these lovely bags built in any color you choose but it won't have TAPCC's logo embroidered on the pockets.  Thanks to Martina and Jason for donating these beautiful bags, worth $210!

Next up is a set of our Swift Industries Large Trunk Bag with a Carradice Bagman Rack.  Only three of these ever made with custom TAPCC screenprinting and embroidery.  Attaches to almost any bike via saddle rails (not recommended for carbon saddle rails).  These are perfect for the daily commute, big enough for a set of clothes and lunch.  We had this one leftover from 2010 and recently commissioned Swift Industries to make three more Small Trunk Bags for the 2012 Fundraising Incentive Program.

One lucky winner will receive a Columbia Sportswear Sweet As Jacket in the size of their choice!  This is the same jacket we'll be issuing to our staff, volunteers and honorees, and also available in our 2012 Fundraising Incentive Program.  I'd love to claim that Columbia made it especially for us in TAPCC colors, but we just got really lucky that their stock colors matched ours!

We've also got one Primal Wear Second Layer Cycling Jacket in our 2012 design available in any size (XS-XXL) the winner needs.  These will also be available for purchase via June welcome packet and at the ride.  Perfect for cool mornings on the Oregon coast...and our houndstooth design will get you noticed on and off the bike!

But wait...there's more:
  • Four $25 Wells Fargo Visa Gift Cards
  • One 19 Hopoe Bill (AKA the John Maier) from the National Bank of Rogue
  • One Swift Industries Mini Mechanic Pouch (in the same picture above with the trunk bag)
  • One Swift Industries Hip/Handlebar Pouch (pictured above as well)
  • Four Portland Design Works Radbot 500 lights
  • Four Portland Design Works Poco Pumps
  • Four of our Cowbells.com cowbells
  • One Rogue Blue Sampler, with wedges of award winning Rogue Creamery blue cheeses (this will be ordered and sent to you after the ride)

That's a total of 24 items so far and I plan on finding more items to throw into the prize pool!